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This sexy 27 year old gorgeous male actor has recently gained attention for his role as Brody Weston on Glee. But this hot star has revealed even more as an MMA fighter in the film Never Back Down 2. Not only do we get to see his plump bare naked ass in a hot sex scene, many a gay men’s fantasies come true as Dean’s head gets pinned between another guys legs on in the ring. Enjoy this feast for the eyes called Dean Geyer!


We all know how much the Romen’s loved there young men and in the newest season of Spartacus we to see some hot actors playing that role of the gorgeous young Romen warrior. We recently got a good look at Australian actor Christian Antidormi’s gorgeous nude body. This isn’t this 20 year old actors first time naked on camera but in this scene we do get a amazing look at his beautiful smooth naked ass! Enjoy!

A little known fact. Before Aussie born actor Xavier Samuel became another hunky heartthrob of the Twilight series he did a nude scene! Yes, the now 29 year old actor bared nearly all in the australian film (The Loved Ones).  So just enjoying this celebrity studs gorgeous body isn’t just limited to sexy shirtless beach photos like the one above. But what an impressive bulge in those shorts Xavier has! WOW

Premiering this week is the new series Arrow featuring the super sexy Stephen Amell. Stephen is the perfect choice with his handsome good looks and flawless ripped hard body. After all the comic book Green Arrow doesn’t have any real powers so he has to be a hunk. Just from the poster ad that was released I’m sure we can expect to see a lot of flesh from Stephen in his new role. This celebrity hunk is no stranger to being naked on film as evident in his role on Hung (pictured below).


Take a guess who’s fine naked bubble butt this belongs to? Would you have guessed it the fantastic rump of Dillon McDermott, who just turn 50 a few weeks ago? His most current role is that of Ben Harmon in American Horror Story where he can be seen shirtless in nearly every episode. He’s looking just as sexy as any of his younger celebrity counterparts.

You didn’t miss this nude shower scene from the adorable Colton Haynes on Teen Wolf Last week did you? I’m sure these hot steamy scene by Colton received many excited tweets from girls and horny gay boys alike! I sure can’t blame them, I mean check out that sexy body on this young man!

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As many of you did I went to watch the new Spider-Man move yesterday staring the new adorable nerd Peter Parker played by (Andrew Garfield). This sexy lean 28 year old actor plays the role very well but other then a tight spidey suit, we don’t get to see much of his body in the movie. After some searching, here I discover Andrew Garfield also did a full nude scene in the little known 2008 movie (Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974). Before we get a nice peak at his plump ass in the films sex scene, we also see Andrew in his tight bulging undies.

We all love when we get to see a celeb naked and today that guy is Shia LaBeouf! The 26 year old Transformers actor was recently fully nude alongside a blonde woman in a music video for the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. The video is more then a little bizarre but it is worth for the full frontal scene alone! I sure wish America was less prudish and as opened to nudity as the Iceland, maybe then we could see more of our favorite famous men in the buff on the big screen.

Wow what an amazing body! Stephen Amell’s most current work has been in the TV series’ Hung as Jason and Private Practice as Steven Becker. The above pictures are from his nude scene on HBO’s Hung series. This was Stephen’s first day on the Hung set and luck for us they had him get naked!

Now the exciting news is if you think Stephen Amell is hot here just wait till we get to see him every week in the upcoming CW series Green Arrow. That muscular ripped body of his is sure going to look amazing in a tight super hero outfit. I can hardly wait!

American pie’s Jason Biggs is well known for his movie stunts such as fucking a warm apple pie. Now in American Reunion he is back and up to the same silly childish antics such as jerking his cock in a lubed sweaty sock. As if that weren’t enough, we get a full-frontal nude scene when Jason attempts to cover his dick with a pot lid in the kitchen only to realize the lid was clear glass. Turns out Jason Biggs does his own stunts and he didn’t want a stand-in penis for this hot scene. Lets hope more celebrity men follow Jason’s lead and get naked more often on camera for their fans!

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