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If any of you have never seen the show Spartacus: Vengeance your missing out on seeing some fantastic muscle hunks fully naked. The sex scene on this series get very hot and steamy that leaves nothing to the imagination. This scene has the gorgeous hunk Craig Parker fully nude displaying his cock to get us all hot and bothered inside!
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With all the leaked sex tapes and naked self pictures of celebrity men out their floating all over the net it’s hard to tell the real from the fake! This new naked picture feature what looks like Zac Efron jerking his cock has been all over the net this month. I’m pretty sure it is a fake but it still makes for a hot fantasy thinking we got to see this celeb hunk totally nude. Until he does a full nude scene in a movie I guess this fake someone out there most likely created will have to do. See More Nude Male Celebrity Videos and Pictures Here

So far I haven’t yet watched the TV show Shameless on SHO but after seeing these full frontal clips I now going to check it out. This season we get to see Zach McGawan in all his bare naked glory. It’s not very often in TV here in America that we get any nudity let along a full frontal close-up shot of a sexy male celebrity! It’s clear that not only does Zach have a fantastic hunky body he also has a impressive cock!


Today I have for you cutie Matt Czuchry who played the role of Logan in Gilmore Girls, and now Cary in The Good Wife. A lesser known role Matt played was that of Tucker Max along side Jesse Bradford in “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”. One good reason you should check out this movie is for the great nude scen Matt Czuchry has in it. We alway love a chance to see come male celebrities naked and this is even more then just a glimps. In it we get a good look at this handsome 34 year old celeb hunks beautiful bubble butt and if you look real close you may even see a bit of full frontal nudity!


We haven’t seen much of Ryan Phillippe lately maybe due to his now being married. A few years ago though Ryan did some pretty hot scenes where he was either shirtless or baring his cute little ass. When I first remember seeing Ryan in White Squall he had a sexy young twink body on him but now he has grown some and he is quite the Hollywood stud and leading man.

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Chris Evan is one sexy celebrity stud. In the movie “Not Another Teen Movie” he strips naked with only a layer of whip cream covering his body. I can’t only imagine the joy of the lucky staffer that got the honor of covering his dick and ass with the whip cream. But what I really would like to know is how he got that banana to stay in place for the shoot?

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