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Look who is once again showing off his beautiful male physique! It’s Zac Efron parading around and dancing in wet white briefs in the new just released trailer for “the Paperboy”. Check out his fine ass in those wet underwear. We need more of those sexy celebrity men to drop their pants on camera! Zac is turning out to be an amazing actor and it helps that he knows we want to see more of that stunning body in his films.

Back in  1991 one of the sexiest TV ads featured Mark Wahlberg (aka. Marky Mark) showing off his amazing body while wearing just a pair of tight fitting white CK briefs. Now over 20 years later Mark’s a daddy but his body is just as ripped as ever. Now it looks like Mark is back with his pants off, showing off his amazing male physique in a all new underwear ad. Seeing this handsome celebrity stud in his tight undies brings back all those lusty memories from the early 90′s. Find more revealing male star photos and videos here.

Before appearing on Survivor, sexy blond Judson Birza stared in a homoerotic cult horror flix called 1313: Nightmare Mansion. If you can tolerate the cheesy dialogue and laughable acting in this cult film, your rewarded with tons of sexy young men who spend most of the movie shirtless and in their tight white underwear. The movie has make-out scenes between men and women along with a few quite hot homoerotic scenes between some of the men.

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Ten frat men all naked in one house!