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Sexy celeb hearth throb Matt Dallas is best known for his lead role as Kyle XY. Just yesterday he shocked some of his fans with the announcement that he is gay and engaged Blue Hamilton. Congrats Matt Dallas!

Any fans of Kyle XY may also quite familiar with this actors gorgeous abs, which where revealed often on the series because of his lack of a belly-button from being created by a lab. The series got off to a great start with the first episode featuring the young actor totally naked in the woods after being freed from the lab where he was created.

Gorgeous young male actor Drew Roy played a teen heart throb in TV shows such as Hannah Montana, Days Of Our Lives and even ICarly where he was seen shirtless in one episode. Drew just turned 24 last month (may 16th 2011) and his newest acting role is as (Hal Mason), the teen-aged son of Noah Wyle (Tom Mason) in the new TNT series Falling Skies. Tom Manson and son Hal Mason as fighting in a world taking over by aliens. Even if your not a Sci-Fi fan you may want to just check out the show just to see the very sexy looking young male actor Drew Roy in action.

Zach Roerig – “Matt Donovan”

This 26 yr. old actor started his career as a daytime soap star hottie on As The World Turns and Guiding Light.

Steven R. McQueen – “Jeremy Gilbert”

As the youngest actor on the show (age 22) Steven is sure giving the older male stars on the show a real run for their money.

Paul Wesley – “Stefan Salvatore”
Paul age 28 was featured in People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2010. He plays the role of Stefan the “good” Vampire brother and can also be seen showing off those smokin hot six-pac abs.

Michael Trevino – “Tyler Lockwood”
This sexy 25 has a recuring guest star on Vampire Diaries where he plays the role of a werewolf. He is probably the guy who can be seen shirtless the most on the series. 

Matt Davis – “Alaric Saltzman”
Matthew age 32 was the boyfriend in the hit comedy Legally Blonde and now plays a high school teacher in Vampire Diaries.

Ian Somerhalder – “Damon Salvatore”
Ian age 32 has some of the most gorgious eyes I have seen on a man! He was a model before he started his career as a TV actor on Lost and Vampire Diaries.

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