Watch Tayler Suck Dick

So what do you think real or fake? For many years there has been rumors regarding Taylor Hanson’s sexuality and since pictures started appearing online the rumors have increased. Now this month another picture has appeared online showing Taylor suck off some guy and one of him pissing outside. Their are three possibilities here. Either there is a look-a-like of Taylor out their that really likes dick, or they are just really good fakes or the pictures are real. There are tons of celebrity sex scandal¬†fakes out their so it is hard to tell unless your the man on the receiving end of his lips!

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One Response to “Taylor Hanson Sucking Dick Again?”

  • Cecilia:

    Did you notice that the top half of his face in the second picture and the top half of his face in the last picture are EXACTLY the same?? Like his hair and eyes are in the exact same place. FAKE for sure:( I’m sad about all of these rumors, Taylor is a great role model and the last thing he needs if for people to think he’s cheating on his wife.

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