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So far I haven’t yet watched the TV show Shameless on SHO but after seeing these full frontal clips I now going to check it out. This season we get to see Zach McGawan in all his bare naked glory. It’s not very often in TV here in America that we get any nudity let along a full frontal close-up shot of a sexy male celebrity! It’s clear that not only does Zach have a fantastic hunky body he also has a impressive cock!


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It’s my Christmas wish comes true! A nice long look at Justin Tumberlake fine ass! The movie Friends With Benefits has lots of naughty nakedness, including more then just a peak at Justin running naked from the bed to the bathroom to take a pee. Those Justin’s cute bubble butt cheeks compliment his muscular hard body quite well!



Today we have some new pictures of smoking hot Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, aka King Henry the VIII on Showtime’s hit series The Tudors. Jonathan always looks hot on the TV series and they never miss a chance to get him shirtless or baked baring his cute little ass. The latest news on Jonathan is he’s has headed to London for another round of treatment for his alcohol addiction. Lets hope he gets help and gets back to the great acting and showing us his sexy body on film.

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If your like me you remember Brian Austin Green in his younger years from Beverly Hills 90210. Now he’s back on TV and is even banging one of the sexiest women in Hollywood.  While the face shot of him here isn’t that great he still looks quite sexy and even keep a nice firm ass all these years. In the little known boxing movie Cock & Bull Story from 2003 he can be seen being stripped on stage and we get a great view of his cute ass. If you look very close I think we can even see a bit of his balls.



Marshal Mathers or better know as Eminem got naked on a stage to the surprise of the concert attendance. Some in attendance that night said Eminem’s dick was at least 9 inches long. I have to say he does have a cute little white ass! See full-frontals of Eminem here>>

Ok while I may not be a huge football fan I am a fan of men in jock straps and the new show Blue Mountain State on SpikeTV does a great job in that department. The show features plenty of male nudity in the way of jock straps, bare asses and nice bulges. One of the shows more well known stars Alan Ritchson (aka AquaMan on Smallville) is featured in a couple very funny and homo-erotic scene. One featured in the video above has four football jocks racing with a cookie between their ass checks and another has the guys in the shower shaving their asses smooth before the big game.

You have to love when a male celeb doesn’t mind getting naked in-front of the camera. If your in the states you may have never heard of Christian Cooke but he is quickly becoming a huge hit in Britain were you can see his adorable bare ass in the new show Trinity.
Christian can be seen in America also on the new show featured on BBC America called Demons. While Christian doesn’t show quite as much flesh on Demons he is often featured shirtless and he fills out his jeans quite nicely on the show.



Getting to see a sexy male celeb in the buff is a rarity so when we do it’s a real treat. Josh Duhamel was photographed in the nude back in his modeling days when taking full frontal “artistic” nude pictures was more common. Anyways, there’s no denying that Josh is a gorgeous man, but unless he is a grower not a shower, some maybe a little disappointed in his, lets be blunt “dick size”. That said he is still one beautiful man and I’m sure any girl or gay man wouldn’t throw this stud out of their bed if they found him their waiting!

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Even if you never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel or Bones, you are really missing a hot hunk. David Boreanaz often is seen shirtless and as in the pictures above he has even been filmed naked in the 2007 romantic comedy movie These Girls.


Cory best known for his role a the football quarterback (Finn Hudson) in the TV series Glee. Little do most people know he did a nude scene in the horror movie Bloody Mary back in 2006. Born in 1982 this guys is fast becoming a hollywood stud and I personally hope we see even more of that sexy ass.

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