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This weekend I caught a resent episode of American Ninja Warrior and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. William Moseley best known for playing Peter in The Chronicles of Narnia was one of the male contestants to take on the obstetrical course. The 24 year old actor performed very well but near the end he slipped off a step and fell into the water. After taking the plunge we got a eye full when he climbed out of the water with his shorts clinging to his ass and no visible underwear lines. As if that wasn’t enough he then stood up for applause and out poked a BIG bulge in his wet shorts left very little to the imagination. The verdict is still out whether he was wearing a athletic supporter underwear or William is just hung like a horse!

Who would have thought that the adorable kid actor Jonathan Lipnicki with his big glasses and cute smile would grow up to be such a handsome young hunk. Some amazing pictures of Jonathan working out during a modeling shoot have surfaced on the net over the last couple weeks. He just celebrated his 21 birthday and this young male celeb is looking better with every year. I hope he doesn’t give up on his acting career because we would love to see those ripped abs on the big screen!

Joe Jonas was spotted on the beach shirtless and wearing some black shorts that showed off a quite large bulge coming from his crotch. The Jonas Brothers were always notorious for wearing the tightest jeans that was humanly possible to squeeze thier skinny teen boy bodies into. Now with the Jonas boys now being all grown-up it’s nice to see these boy band brothers just getting better looking with age. The final picture of this boy band star shows Joe doing a little adjusting of his nice male package.

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Realistic Nude Fakes Of Young Celebrity Men

At this point we have to wonder if  Taylor Lautner is just being a exhibitionist as new quite revealing paparazzi pictures surface of the young actor free-balling it. This time Taylor was caught coming out of a gym in his sweatpants with a clearly visible outline of his package showing. The time before this Taylor was wearing a jogging suit with a nice bugle showing. The most resent pictures above are the most revealing images yet. Enjoy!


Chace Crawford fresh out of prison for drug possession charges. Apparently got out early on good behavior, but he still looks great. Here he is looking quite sexy walking the streets with those tight jeans he is famous for wearing. Check out that huge bulge in his jeans! Wouldn’t we all love to get a peek at what he is packing? I’m still holding out hopes for a sextape from Chace. You can find even more revealing and even naked men at Hollywood Exposed and Male Celebrities.


Zac Efron is shirtless again but this time check out that bulge protruding from his wet shorts!  It’s pretty clear that he is hiding something pretty large in those shorts.





Ok guys here are some new pictures from my favorite little known show on TV. If you haven’t already seen the show you may want to check it out. Legend Of The Seeker is one amazing show with a great story line and Craig Horner (Richard Cypher – The Seeker) is one of the other main reasons I love the show so much. He always seems to be shirtless showing off his stunning male physique. Oh and what about those tight leather pants of his that show off his package!! Season two just ended in May but I expect the show will return with a new season later this year.




Aaron Johnson of the new movie Kick-Ass shows off his beautiful lean body in new shirtless underwear pictures that has got everyone talking about this 19-year-old actor. This young British actor fills out his white briefs very nicely. The bottom amatuer picture of Aaron is also very sexy showing his ab’s quite nicely as well.

andy roddick tennis shorts cock bulge

Sexy champion tennis player Andy Roddick is favorite on the this site and the site. Those thin sweaty shorts provide some great opportunities to check out some sexy  male tennis players. There asses and cock bulge outlines can be easily seen. We also get some great shirtless scenes of him on the tennis court.  See more revealing pictures and videos of male star athletes at!

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Chace Crawford was named “Summer’s Hottest Bachelor” by People in 2009. He also played in the popular TV show Gossip Girl where he played from role of Nate Archibald. Chace also signed on to play a lead role as a drug dealer in the upcoming film Twelve. Chace has always been a favorite of mine and I love how he his always shirtless and showing off that cute twink body of his.  From the looks of the above picture of Chase I’m guessing he also likes to go commando or he wears loose boxers because his jeans sure do show a nice outline of his cock bulge.

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