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I can honestly say I could never get sick of seeing Zac Efron bluges! This teen heart throb actor has turned into one sexy hunk of a young man! Check out these new bulging crotch pictures of Zac wearing some very revealing sweat pants!

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Dylan O’Brien has been receiving some attention from his role as Stiles in the MTV series Teen Wolf. This 21 year old actor may not get the attention that his heartthrob co-stars Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes but he is still quite a sexy young actor in his own right. Here I have to share with you some revealing animated clips from his 2012 move The First Time. Looks like Dylan got himself a bit of a boner he’s trying to hide as he reaches down into his pants and pushes his hard-on down. The final animated scene shows a sexy shirtless Dylan O’Brien on the edge of the bed after getting his excitement under control.

It’s easy to see why Disney Channel’s Wizards Of Waverly Place has tween girls and I’m sure more then a few gay boys drooling! With hunks like 23 yr old David Henrie, 18 yr old Jake Austin and 20 yr old Gregg Sulkin on the series there sure is plenty of eye candy to fest on.

Here are a few hot photos I stumbled on of the gang and a few other hot guys posing shirtless after doing a little filming for the Disney show. Not sure who the stud is with the unbuttoned jeans is but…Hubba hubba! Love all those beautiful celebrity bulges!

Mario sure is never shy about sharing his smokin’ hot bod with us and here he is exposed again! After loosing a Superbowl bet Mr. Lopez had to strip down nearly naked and run the streets. Extra TV captured the action of Mario in his bulging underwear as he made his mad dashed down the street.

I know my blog has many posts featuring Zach but besides being one of the sexiest young male celebs, he also is always giving us eye candy! This time the paparazzi caught Zach Efron lifting his shirt to dry his face at a golf tournament. Not only did this candid photo give us a great look at his sexy abs and happy trail pubes, Zach was also sporting a nice big bulge to the right in his jeans! What do you think is Zach really packing or what?

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