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I can honestly say I could never get sick of seeing Zac Efron bluges! This teen heart throb actor has turned into one sexy hunk of a young man! Check out these new bulging crotch pictures of Zac wearing some very revealing sweat pants!

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American pie’s Jason Biggs is well known for his movie stunts such as fucking a warm apple pie. Now in American Reunion he is back and up to the same silly childish antics such as jerking his cock in a lubed sweaty sock. As if that weren’t enough, we get a full-frontal nude scene when Jason attempts to cover his dick with a pot lid in the kitchen only to realize the lid was clear glass. Turns out Jason Biggs does his own stunts and he didn’t want a stand-in penis for this hot scene. Lets hope more celebrity men follow Jason’s lead and get naked more often on camera for their fans!


Ok, I’m not even sure I would call him a celebrity but he is well known to any fans of the Bravo series Flipping Out. Trace Lehnhoff was fired from his office after being caught working on his own work at the office. Not so long after that these naked pictures of Trace turned up online of him showing off that lean sexy body and even jerking his hard cock. Want more naked celeb men see them here!

There have been plenty of nude pictures of Daniel Radcliffe posted online some fake and some being the real thing from his role in Equus. This naked picture while very blurry looks to be the real thing and you can still see that young Daniel is a pretty hung boy. If only more Hollywood men would fallow Daniel’s lead and strip off their clothes!


Pro Aussie skateboarder Jason Ellis was featured on Howard Stern last week where he was involved in a contest that involved stuffing M&M’s in his penis forskin. The show streamed over then internet and featured full frontal video of the skateboarding stud.





Is there anyone out their that ever want to see Jamie Kennedy naked? Well if so they got their wish with the release of his new movie. Jamie got naked for a 2008 movie called “Finding Bliss” in which he played a college dropout turned porn star.


Watch Tayler Suck Dick

So what do you think real or fake? For many years there has been rumors regarding Taylor Hanson’s sexuality and since pictures started appearing online the rumors have increased. Now this month another picture has appeared online showing Taylor suck off some guy and one of him pissing outside. Their are three possibilities here. Either there is a look-a-like of Taylor out their that really likes dick, or they are just really good fakes or the pictures are real. There are tons of celebrity sex scandal fakes out their so it is hard to tell unless your the man on the receiving end of his lips!


Getting to see a sexy male celeb in the buff is a rarity so when we do it’s a real treat. Josh Duhamel was photographed in the nude back in his modeling days when taking full frontal “artistic” nude pictures was more common. Anyways, there’s no denying that Josh is a gorgeous man, but unless he is a grower not a shower, some maybe a little disappointed in his, lets be blunt “dick size”. That said he is still one beautiful man and I’m sure any girl or gay man wouldn’t throw this stud out of their bed if they found him their waiting!


Like him or hate him most people agree he is still pretty damn hot looking. Ever since the underwear dance in the 80′s movie Risky Business I have had a thing for Tom. His crazyness as of late has deminished that some what but lets face it he is still pretty sexy! In the above movie captures you can see Tom Cruise’s penis even though the image is a little dark.

 Video’s Of The Adorable Tom Cruise

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Even if you never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel or Bones, you are really missing a hot hunk. David Boreanaz often is seen shirtless and as in the pictures above he has even been filmed naked in the 2007 romantic comedy movie These Girls.

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