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I can honestly say I could never get sick of seeing Zac Efron bluges! This teen heart throb actor has turned into one sexy hunk of a young man! Check out these new bulging crotch pictures of Zac wearing some very revealing sweat pants!

zack-bulge002 See Zack and more nude male celebs


Did you miss the season four premier of Glee? If you did here are some super sexy shirtless screen caps to catch you up on Rachel’s new interest at college. Dean Geyer plays the role of Brody Weston, this hunky new man Rachel meets in episode one of season four as he is exiting the shower of their co-ed bathrooms.

This 26 year actor has one amazing body and thanks to Glee we got to admire him shirtless in all his glory! Recently Dean Geyer also played the role of Mark Reynolds in the now canceled series Terra Nova. Let’s hope this time they keep this smokin hot young celebrity hunk on TV!

If you haven’t yet checked out the new USA mini-series “Political Animals” it maybe time to do just that. There have sure been some hot shirtless men and steamy sex scenes which are sure to make the show even more popular. In a recent episode hunky James Wolk and Sebastian Stan in a full-on gay makeout scene which gets pretty hot!


Today post I have for you male celeb lovers is the sexy 24 year old hunk Tyler Hoechlin. Tyler is best known for his role on 7th Heaven. Now he’s a bit older and plays the role of the hunky alpha werewolf Derek Hale in MTV’s series Teen Wolf.

The series is more then just a bunch of perfect looking teen male celebrities nearly naked, it really has a pretty good story line behind it. Actually…while all the boys on the series may play teenage characters, the youngest of them is Tyler Posey who is really 20. So yes, it’s legal to lust after these hot young Teen Wolf guys!



Wow what an amazing body! Stephen Amell’s most current work has been in the TV series’ Hung as Jason and Private Practice as Steven Becker. The above pictures are from his nude scene on HBO’s Hung series. This was Stephen’s first day on the Hung set and luck for us they had him get naked!

Now the exciting news is if you think Stephen Amell is hot here just wait till we get to see him every week in the upcoming CW series Green Arrow. That muscular ripped body of his is sure going to look amazing in a tight super hero outfit. I can hardly wait!

Whoa…! Little 90′s heartthrob Joey Lawrence isn’t so little anymore and now he is going to be dropping all his clothes on stage. The now 36 year old actor/singer will be adding the new title of (male stripper) to his resume, when he bares all with Chippendale’s later this summer. According to Chippendales, Lawrence will be performing completely in the nude. His super buff body is sure going to look great on stage and I can’t hardly wait for the pictures that are sure to be leaked! For more male celebs who have done nude scenes visit HOLLYWOOD EXPOSED

This winter has had some crazy weather and I can’t think of a better way to warm things up when checking out a hot hairy celeb hunk like Hugh Jackman! Looks like the paparazzi cought up with Hugh displaying that hunky body of his on the beaches of St. Tropez.

Who would have thought that the adorable kid actor Jonathan Lipnicki with his big glasses and cute smile would grow up to be such a handsome young hunk. Some amazing pictures of Jonathan working out during a modeling shoot have surfaced on the net over the last couple weeks. He just celebrated his 21 birthday and this young male celeb is looking better with every year. I hope he doesn’t give up on his acting career because we would love to see those ripped abs on the big screen!

Former male model turned film actor Kellan Lutz owes much of his stardom to his role in the hit teen vampire series Twilight. At 26 Kellan is still looking quite stunning as evident in these newest photos from an Independence Day Party where he photographed playing tennis shirtless.

If you have never seen the CW hit show Supernatural you don’t know what you are missing. The show always provides tons of shirtless man candy thanks in part to hunk Jared Padelacki who plays the role of  demon hunter Sam Winchester. July 19th was Jared’s 29th birthday and he just keeps getting better looking with age!

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