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Today it’s not some naked hollywood hunk I have to share with you but rather how about a bunch of bare naked rowing athletes? The men’s rowing team at Warwick University have stripped off for their third annual naked calendar, and this year they also agreed to be filmed during the shoot, as a way to raise money for Sport Relief.

Warwick Rowing 2013: Brokeback Boathouse from Progressive Media on Vimeo

For those of you who did get to check out Channing’s amazing bare butt in the movie The Vow here it is in all it’s beauty! Channing Tatum is having a great year and can be seen in quite a few new movies this year. He is also one of those celebrity men we love that seems to have no issues with getting naked. His male stripper career when he was younger and less famous must be the reason for his lace of inhibitions. See More Famous Men Fully Naked Here


Ok, I’m not even sure I would call him a celebrity but he is well known to any fans of the Bravo series Flipping Out. Trace Lehnhoff was fired from his office after being caught working on his own work at the office. Not so long after that these naked pictures of Trace turned up online of him showing off that lean sexy body and even jerking his hard cock. Want more naked celeb men see them here!

With all the leaked sex tapes and naked self pictures of celebrity men out their floating all over the net it’s hard to tell the real from the fake! This new naked picture feature what looks like Zac Efron jerking his cock has been all over the net this month. I’m pretty sure it is a fake but it still makes for a hot fantasy thinking we got to see this celeb hunk totally nude. Until he does a full nude scene in a movie I guess this fake someone out there most likely created will have to do. See More Nude Male Celebrity Videos and Pictures Here

See More Male Celebrity Nakedness Here

It’s my Christmas wish comes true! A nice long look at Justin Tumberlake fine ass! The movie Friends With Benefits has lots of naughty nakedness, including more then just a peak at Justin running naked from the bed to the bathroom to take a pee. Those Justin’s cute bubble butt cheeks compliment his muscular hard body quite well!

There have been plenty of nude pictures of Daniel Radcliffe posted online some fake and some being the real thing from his role in Equus. This naked picture while very blurry looks to be the real thing and you can still see that young Daniel is a pretty hung boy. If only more Hollywood men would fallow Daniel’s lead and strip off their clothes!

Looking pretty rough with greasy long hair and tattoos Joseph Gordon-Levitt sits on the couch in just his bulging white underwear in the new movie Hesher. Joseph plays the role of Hesher a depressed carefree loner.

There have been many male celebs that have been found with photos on the site guywithiphones and Joseph Gordon-Levitt may just be the latest to posing naked on his iphone. There is no proof that this is really his nude photo, but rumors are spreading on the internet from people who have compared this photo to other shirtless pictures of Joseph and the similarities are almost unmistakable. See More Candid Celebrity Men Here

Just in case you missed it Ashton Kutcher recently stripped down naked to promote the new season of Two and a Half Men where he replaces Charlie Sheen. Of course we only get to admire his bare chest thats to the pixilation around his crotch but it was still nice to see a hot male celebrity that is willing to strip down naked. Let hope we get to see even more of this type of shameless male nudity on the new show from Ashton.


If you have never watched the MTV series “The Hard Times of RJ Berger” now maybe the time to start watching. I have personally never watched the show but after stumbling onto some recent video captures from the series that features a gay shower make-out scene it defiantly caught my interest. The scene features a popular gay bashing jock played by Jayson Blair who turns out to be a real closet case and starts making out with one of his bully victims in the shower. The scene is extreamly hot as these two young naked boys embrace in a passionate kiss.

Realistic Nude Fakes Of Young Celebrity Men

In the upcoming movie ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’  Ryan Gosling gets shirtless and does a naked lockroom scene. Aside from great acting skills Ryan looks quite sexy shirtless showing off those beautiful ripped abs of his. Lets hope this is just the first of many nude scenes we see from Ryan in the future.


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