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These hot images of Pete Wentz surfaced after his bands steamy Saturday Night Live performance. They fauture every thing from Pete in his underwear to him grabbing his penis in what looks like a self mirror picture. According to a Jossip report the images were pulled from Pete’s sidekick. There is no real way to verify if they pictures are real or just more naked celebrity fakes but that tattoo on his “happy trail” sure make the case for them being authentic!

We all know how much the Romen’s loved there young men and in the newest season of Spartacus we to see some hot actors playing that role of the gorgeous young Romen warrior. We recently got a good look at Australian actor Christian Antidormi’s gorgeous nude body. This isn’t this 20 year old actors first time naked on camera but in this scene we do get a amazing look at his beautiful smooth naked ass! Enjoy!

A little known fact. Before Aussie born actor Xavier Samuel became another hunky heartthrob of the Twilight series he did a nude scene! Yes, the now 29 year old actor bared nearly all in the australian film (The Loved Ones).  So just enjoying this celebrity studs gorgeous body isn’t just limited to sexy shirtless beach photos like the one above. But what an impressive bulge in those shorts Xavier has! WOW

If you watched the Magic Mike movie you may have thought you got a good look at Channing Tatum beautiful ass but not so fast! Now comes this behind the scenes pic of Channing butt naked while shooting the movie. I’m not 100% sure if this nude pic is the real behind of Channing but that is the rumor going around the internet now.


Take a guess who’s fine naked bubble butt this belongs to? Would you have guessed it the fantastic rump of Dillon McDermott, who just turn 50 a few weeks ago? His most current role is that of Ben Harmon in American Horror Story where he can be seen shirtless in nearly every episode. He’s looking just as sexy as any of his younger celebrity counterparts.

This nude shower photo is now circulating the internet claiming to be the bare naked bum of 20 year old heartthrob Louis Tomlinson of One Direction.

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I did a blog post a month ago featuring Jason Biggs full frontal nude from American Reunion. Just today I found some higher definition pictures of Jason’s squished penis and even some pictures of that cute bare ass. I usually don’t do posts of the same guy so soon, but I figured you all would appropriated seeing these new nude caps from the movie.

We all love when we get to see a celeb naked and today that guy is Shia LaBeouf! The 26 year old Transformers actor was recently fully nude alongside a blonde woman in a music video for the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. The video is more then a little bizarre but it is worth for the full frontal scene alone! I sure wish America was less prudish and as opened to nudity as the Iceland, maybe then we could see more of our favorite famous men in the buff on the big screen.

The new upcoming movie Magic Mike featuring celebrity hunks such as Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello is sure to be a hit with women and gay men alike! From the previews I have seen it sure looks like they will all be providing us with plenty of eye candy.  Here are some images of one star Alex Pettyfer as he walks around in bulging boxer briefs on the set of the stripper film in Los Angeles. Alex even sports a pretty impressive package in sweatpants.

Check out this ass shot from Alex Pettyfer on the stripper stage of Magic Mike. Lets hope we get to see the nude asses on all five of these celebrity hunks!

Wow what an amazing body! Stephen Amell’s most current work has been in the TV series’ Hung as Jason and Private Practice as Steven Becker. The above pictures are from his nude scene on HBO’s Hung series. This was Stephen’s first day on the Hung set and luck for us they had him get naked!

Now the exciting news is if you think Stephen Amell is hot here just wait till we get to see him every week in the upcoming CW series Green Arrow. That muscular ripped body of his is sure going to look amazing in a tight super hero outfit. I can hardly wait!

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