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It easy to see why in 2010 Kellan Lutz was featured in CK’s underwear ad campaign. This sexy 27 year old actor/model looks even flawless caught candid on the beach as he strips down to his underwear for a swim. Any chance to see more of this Twilight actors muscular physique is a real treat!

Look who is once again showing off his beautiful male physique! It’s Zac Efron parading around and dancing in wet white briefs in the new just released trailer for “the Paperboy”. Check out his fine ass in those wet underwear. We need more of those sexy celebrity men to drop their pants on camera! Zac is turning out to be an amazing actor and it helps that he knows we want to see more of that stunning body in his films.

Brenton Thwaites is a young Australian heartthrob actor who is now heating up the TV on the new LifeTime movie “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening”. This new movie is much more PG then the original Blue Lagoon from 1980. In the original we were treated to a few flashes of Chris Atkins’s penis and even a hot full nude underwater scenes. This new movie with Brenton Thwaites has plenty of scenes with him shirtless. There is even a revealing scene of this young 22 year old celebrity heartthrob in nothing more then a pair of wet boxer underwear.

The new upcoming movie Magic Mike featuring celebrity hunks such as Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello is sure to be a hit with women and gay men alike! From the previews I have seen it sure looks like they will all be providing us with plenty of eye candy.  Here are some images of one star Alex Pettyfer as he walks around in bulging boxer briefs on the set of the stripper film in Los Angeles. Alex even sports a pretty impressive package in sweatpants.

Check out this ass shot from Alex Pettyfer on the stripper stage of Magic Mike. Lets hope we get to see the nude asses on all five of these celebrity hunks!

We all knew Mario Lopez had an amazing ripped body but did you think he would look this sexy in underwear? This former teen male star from the long running late 80′s early 90′s show Saved By The Bell just continues to get hotter looking with age. Even though Mario is straight he did gain a lot of attention by the GLBT world for his role as the gay Olympian Greg Louganis back in 1997. Mario will be getting some new attention by gay men and women alike with these new sexy underwear shoots.

Looking pretty rough with greasy long hair and tattoos Joseph Gordon-Levitt sits on the couch in just his bulging white underwear in the new movie Hesher. Joseph plays the role of Hesher a depressed carefree loner.

There have been many male celebs that have been found with photos on the site guywithiphones and Joseph Gordon-Levitt may just be the latest to posing naked on his iphone. There is no proof that this is really his nude photo, but rumors are spreading on the internet from people who have compared this photo to other shirtless pictures of Joseph and the similarities are almost unmistakable. See More Candid Celebrity Men Here

If you have never watched the MTV series “The Hard Times of RJ Berger” now maybe the time to start watching. I have personally never watched the show but after stumbling onto some recent video captures from the series that features a gay shower make-out scene it defiantly caught my interest. The scene features a popular gay bashing jock played by Jayson Blair who turns out to be a real closet case and starts making out with one of his bully victims in the shower. The scene is extreamly hot as these two young naked boys embrace in a passionate kiss.

Realistic Nude Fakes Of Young Celebrity Men

Before appearing on Survivor, sexy blond Judson Birza stared in a homoerotic cult horror flix called 1313: Nightmare Mansion. If you can tolerate the cheesy dialogue and laughable acting in this cult film, your rewarded with tons of sexy young men who spend most of the movie shirtless and in their tight white underwear. The movie has make-out scenes between men and women along with a few quite hot homoerotic scenes between some of the men.

I just stumbled onto this iphone shirtless picture of Pauly D from the MTV show Jersey Shore. I have personally never watched the show but if the men on the show all have muscular bodies like Pauly here I may have to reconsider not checking the show out sooner. My favorite picture is the second with Pauly shirtless and looking sexy in those Tommy briefs!

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Chris Pine is a great actor but more then that this guy is super sexy! I first fell for Chris when I seen him in the Star Trek 2009 when he played the young James T. Kirk. One of his newest movies was Unstoppable where he can be found in a very sexy shirtless underwear scene. If you blink you would miss the amazing underwear bulge Chris is sporting. Check out that big package!

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